Lireni And Zadeno's Tree House- The Girls From Wokha Town, Handmade Dolls Of Nagaland, Northeast India

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Lireni and Zadeno are two little girls from the picturesque hill town of wokha, where the mountains are blue and green, in Nagaland. The handmade Naga Lotha dolls from Nagaland have been best friends forever. Their parents would often complain of them always missing from home and running wild in the woods. They both love climbing trees and with the help of their older brothers they had built a 'secret' wooden tree house on top of their favorite tree in the woods above their house.


The handmade Naga Lotha dolls from Nagaland would spend their days chasing their older brothers as they went fishing with their rods, pleading to be taken along, they would offer their prized marbles as bribe. Marching along with their tiny fishing rods the best-friends would spend the day chasing the tiny fishes in the streams below and waiting for one to catch a bite. Come winter happiness was stealing oranges from the nearby orchard when the farmers were not in sight.


Lireni and Zadeno's mother are best friends too, watching their babies grow from toddlers to beautiful young girls with so much life they would lament on how bright and beautiful their little girls made their world. When evening would set the little girls would curl up against Lireni's father, with big brown eyes, they would listen with rapt attention to the old Naga folk tales he would tell. The handmade dolls would gasp and sigh at the mention of the spirits and fairies of the forests, they would beg for more stories every-time and the evening would end in laughter and giggles. Such is the happy life in the cozy little town of Wokha where flowers bloom without abandon and the rivers are full of fishes.

4 Comment(s)

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This is lovely!

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Thank you so much Hanna ^_^

16/09/2016, 02:28:28 PM

Hi I want to buy these dolls in traditional dress but I can't find how to make the order.

17/09/2016, 03:28:26 AM

Hi Rhondeni, Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Both the dolls got sold out so the doll makers are in the process of making more. Each traditional doll takes a day to make with two expert crafts women working together tirelessly. The end result is beautiful handmade dolls with intricate handwork with beads and traditional patterns and designs. You can sign up for our newsletter and we shall update you as soon as the traditional dolls are ready :)

Krishna Kant dwivedi:
30/11/2016, 04:23:04 PM

It gives immense pleasure looking these dolls want to purchase

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09/02/2017, 11:26:23 AM

I just fell in love with the storytelling that now , I have to buy one :-) And the design looks great. Please do notify me when it is in stock again.

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