A Fashionable Affair In Kolkata, India

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On a beautiful spring afternoon in Park Street, Kolkata, Therali Humtsoe candidly points to her favorite tarts, inside Flury's, choosing from an array of delicious looking tarts. The beautiful Flury's cafe in Park Street, Kolkata, is bustling with people from all walks of life. Sitting pretty and sipping her coffee Therali muses, "my wardrobe is filled with preciousmelove clothing, just like my sisters, they are the most comfortable and flattering." She and her three beautiful sisters all shop from PML. She wears a black preciousmelove floral shift dress paired with an oversized vintage blue sweater picked up from the pml vintage collection. She says, "this shift dress is my favorite comfort dress, so easy to wear and style. The dress just saves the day every time." She trails off laughing as she dives her fork into her strawberry tart.


Wearing preciousmelove basic pink top with black high waist jeans at the Sabyasachi store in Kolkata


"Being a volumptous woman, unlike most of my skinny friends, it was always frustrating to go out because nothing would fit well or feel good. But that changed when we started trying preciousmelove designs. I wear preciousmelove to college regularly; the high waist pants and skirts are super trendy and comfortable, style them with any of the basic preciousmelove crop top and it hides any bulge around the waist. I love their never ending collection of beautiful dresses too, they dont just look beautiful on the photographs but it makes you look beautiful too when you wear them. I feel most confident when I'm comfortable and that is why I love wearing preciousmelove, they make you feel slim and beautiful anyday." She quickly books the black cut-out mini dress from the latest collection and laughs saying "this cut-out black mini dress is for my birthday which is at the end of the year". While the Little Black Dress (LBD) is an all time classic the PML designers have put a spin on the classic wardrobe staple with cut out sleeves for a little bit of tease adding a twist of contemporary freshness. 


Strolling along the Howrah bridge wearing preciousmelove floral top with slim fit high waist black pant


Therali leaves a message from Kolkata for the PML team requesting she be informed as soon as the next preciousmelove clothing collection is ready. She cannot wait to shop again and wear more preciousmelove designs in Kolkata.

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