Atila's Mixed Feeling's, Wearing Her White Floral Dress

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Wearing a beautiful white floral dress Atila sat by the stream with the cool breeze blowing gently at the backyard of her parents in Mokokchung, Nagaland. It was a special day for her as she was to get engaged with Anguvika, her childhood sweetheart and embark on a new journey. They had known each other like- forever and much against their family’s traditional mindset they had decided to marry each other despite hailing from different tribes.


Atila and Anguvi wanted a small and intimate party to celebrate their engagement with their most loved ones. The stage was set for welcoming the union of the two families and after Anguvi and his entourage of friends and family were seated, Atila entered, wearing her white floral dress, surrounded by her group of friends giggling and whispering. Looking absolutely divine in the white dress scattered with beautiful pink flowers Atila was a sight to behold. Her heart was pounding and beating so fast, she could feel a lump on her throat. But when she looked up and saw Anguvi a smile spread over her lips and she felt a warmth in her heart that only looking at Anguvi’s face brought.


After all the traditional rituals were done Atila wearing her white floral dress quietly slipped out for a much needed alone time to recollect herself. In knots and all nerves, she started questioning herself, “did I do the right thing? Is this really happening?”. A gentle voice murmured from behind, “you look beautiful as always Ati”. She turned around and their eyes met. The sun was setting over the mountain and the evening shadows had started appearing. They stood therewith their eyes locked and transfixed, their hearts beating as one, it brought tears to their eyes. They held each other tight and it was then Atila knew she did the right thing, she felt at home in his arms.


This is the short story of a beautiful maiden, from the beautiful cozy town in the hills of Northeast India, with her beautiful white floral engagement dress.


Model- Marinla Tzudir
Photography- Awono Ezung 
Story- Jason Nyalang
Location- Nagaland

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