The Handmade Fairy Alila Doll Of Northeast India

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Meet Alila our fairy nungshiba handmade doll who loves everything that mother nature has to offer.


Someday's she's off hopping to the foothills singing songs with the birds, playing with the sunlight peeking in through the tall forest trees, wading through the crystal clear waters in the stream below the mountains, with squirrels and rabbits for company. Amongst all the handmade fairy dolls in Nagaland she has the most beautiful garden, with flowers of all shapes and kind blooming in blended notes.


It is said the fairy god mothers love visiting her garden so much that they always wish the sun would stay up a little longer. Our beautiful handmade fairy doll seen here returning with a basket full of nature's bounty from the magical green forest of Nagaland. The fairies are going to have a ball! 


Story- Zuboni H

Photography- Awono Ezung

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