About Us

Our Story How it started 

After graduating from Delhi University Zuboni Humtsoe did not want to return home to Nagaland because of the lack of opportunities. However, she had to do it when her father suffered a massive stroke and her family was going through a very hard time. Being a creative person and a dreamer she did not want a Government Desk Job but watching her ailing father suffer broke her heart. Sitting on the cold benches of the hospital she vowed to work really hard and make her own destiny.  

Saving Rs.3500 from her college scholarship fund, she dismantled the beds and converted her bedroom into a walk-in store and started ‘PreciousMeLove’ (PML) through Facebook in 2011 with the help of her elder sister Lozano Humtsoe. Since they did not have a lot of resources, they worked from the backyard of her parents house on a shoe-string budget, bootstrapped, tapping their creative veins, making use of all available resources to the hilt and using artistic photography to share their work and story.  In the beginning, many people discouraged her saying women can’t or shouldn’t do business. Unmindful, the PML team kept working really hard, made sacrifices, innovated, collaborated, met many wonderful people and made amazing friends. Over time the PML team grew and became an all-girls’ team from the photographers to the seamstresses, stylists to designers, models to writers, doll makers to managers.

Living in a society that is crazy about the comforts of white collar jobs, there have been many times we had to literally rebel against our own families. In 2015 Lothungbeni Lotha (PML COO) told her father that she didn’t want a Government job and left home to join PML saying, “If PML can do it, even I can do it”. Similarly, against her family’s wishes, Babita Meitei (PML head-crafts designer) continues to work and make beautiful handmade dolls. Other team members also share similar stories of how difficult it is to follow one’s own dream and convince family and relatives most of the times.

Today, PML sells everything from premium Nagaland fashion designs, vintage clothing, and fashion accessories from different designers to handmade dolls of Northeast India. From a simple page in Facebook in 2011 we managed to launch our own fashion e-commerce website in 2016, with the support from Naga super model Ketho Leno Kense, becoming one of the first fashion e-commerce website from Northeast India. The website also features the PML fashion blog and stories of the beautiful handmade dolls of Northeast India.  

For more than 5 years now we have been delivering Preciousmelove products to almost every part of the country. From Delhi to Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Odisha, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland etc. We also have good clients from abroad buying and supporting us.  

Also keeping social responsibility at the heart of our business we have also been conducting and participating in entrepreneurship skill training's and workshops to encourage more self-empowerment for the students and youths. We are also working towards an inclusive ecosystem to empower and employ more specially-abled and people from different strata of the society.  

Entrepreneurship taught us so much, it has empowered us and the best part of it is that we get to empower and better lives of even more. The love and support regardless of gender, tribe, caste, creed, religion, race has been overwhelming and inspiring. Being aware of the problems we face in our side of the country we envision to work relentlessly and create great industries that would be free of any sort of ‘ism’ and to provide a platform of opportunities, welfare and empowerment to generations. This is our dream that we will spread the love we have received through our work to even more because no dream is too big and no dreamer too small. 

About Core Team :


Zuboni Humtsoe- Proprietor/ CEO

A political science graduate from Kalindi College, DU. Zuboni is the Proprietor of Preciousmelove, with a brief work experience at Convergy's India which she states helped her understand the importance of customer service/satisfaction. A dreamer like no other she hustles and multi-tasks marketing, management, creative direction, content writing, designing, photography, public relations...  Her favorite entrepreneurs are- Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg and Ratan Tata. 

Lozano Humtsoe- Creative Director/ Designer

Lozano worked as a Kingfisher Airlines cabin crew for 3 years before she left the job to work full-time at Preciousmelove. She married in 2015 to Mr. Lalboy Wiza and is the mother to a beautiful baby girl- Withuile Ohana Wiza. She juggles her role as a mother with aplomb and heads the PML Design team and also is the Creative Director of PML 

Wondeno Ezung- Official PML Photographer 

Also known as Awono Ezung our PML official photographer wears many different hats. An English Hons Graduate from Miranda College, DU, Awono is a professional fashion and wedding photographer, specializing in portrait photography. She is mostly responsible for the dreamy, magical and mesmerizing photo-shoots that Preciousmelove has become synonymous with. 

Lothungbeni Lotha- PML COO/ Fashion Stylist

Fondly called 'Athunglo' by many she is also known as the 'Tiger' in the PML family. A graduate from Sazolie College, Jotsoma, being a dreamer she left the comforts of her home to join PML in 2015 by famously telling her father, "If PML can do it, even I can do it". Athunglo is the chief operating officer of PML and also multi-tasks as the PML stylist, sales manager, technical/seo research officer and also assist's Zuboni Humtsoe in handling public relations. 

Binita Meitei- PML Account Head

Loving called 'Cheche' (elder sister in Manipuri) by the team members Binita handles the accounts and finances. Binita studied BBA from ICFAI university and joined PML in 2014. During her spare time Binita also assist's Lozano with design's, data and research of PML. 

Babita Meitei- Handicrafts Designer

Babita joined PML after her father suddenly passed away in 2015 to support her family. The handicrafts initiative of Preciousmelove has been named 'Nungshiba' (meaning 'love' in Manipuri) in her honor and also as a tribute to the love and friendship between Zuboni's father and her's. A graduate from Pranabananda Womens College, Dimapur, Babita is also known as the 'rain' in the PML family for being very emotional and also because whatever she does grows into beautiful works of art spreading more love and empowerment. 

Alen Konyak- Handicrafts Researcher/ designer 

Alen Konyak studied Hotel Management from Lonavala Singhad Institute, Maharashtra. Known as the 'Little Wonder Woman' of the PML family Alen has creativity and innovation running through her veins. Passionate and very hard-working Alen works on new designs and ideas for the PML team as well as the Nungshiba handicrafts team. 

Emilo Enny- Assistant Handicrafts Designer

Emilo is the 'Sunshine' in the PML family and assists Babita in running the handicrafts division of PML. With her infectious laughter she spreads happiness and cheer all around her. Emilo couldn't pursue her studies due to family problems but with her hard-work and dedication she proves anything is possible.